Electrocom Networks Supply and Install Fibre Optic Solution for the Historic Botanic Cottage Project

 Electrocom Networks Supply and Install Fibre Optic Solution for the Historic Botanic Cottage Project

Rebuilding an 18th-century building for 21st-century brings its own set of unique challenges—and one of the most complex of these is the installation of IT infrastructure. When Electrocom Networks were commissioned to supply and install a new fibre cable for a historic Edinburgh landmark, they approached the project with an appreciation of the skill, ingenuity and sensitivity required to do it properly. Their solution is both efficient and site-appropriate.

 The Botanic Cottage was built as a classroom for Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden in 1765. When the gardens were moved to a bigger site in Inverleith in the early 1820s, the Botanic Cottage on Leith Walk was abandoned, but now it is being moved in its entirety to its proper home, in the present Royal Botanic Gardens. The cottage is scheduled to be rebuilt in the RBGE Demonstration Garden by autumn 2015, when it will serve as a centre for community and education programming. This is a lofty vision, and one that requires some ingenious communications solutions.


Unlike modern buildings, historic buildings are not built for cables and have none of the facilities that make modern cable routing simple. Nonetheless, Electrocom Networks have devised technologically sound yet historically sensitive solutions for the installation, termination and testing of a new fibre cable between the nursery cabinet and the rebuilt cottage near the north gate.

 The cables will be installed in two phases: Phase one involves the extension of cable from the nursery to the north gate. In phase two, the final link from the north gate to the cottage cabinet will be installed.


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