Electrocom Celebrate 20 years of Business

20 Year Anniversary of Electrocom Networks

March 2015 marked the 20 year anniversary of Electrocom Networks, a company set in the heart of Edinburgh that offers a wide range of IT infrastructure from cabling systems, wireless installations to Free Space Optic Laser Links. Electrocom Networks provides services to customers from all over the United Kingdom and since its start up in 1995, the company has steadily expanded as its customer base has increased.

March 1995 was a busy and exciting year for many reasons, some of the events and headlines of that year……

Conservative Prime Minister, John Major, led the country.

Yahoo!, launches web portal and search engine.

Manchester United’s, Eric Cantona was sentenced to two weeks in prison, reduced in March 1995 to 120 hours of community service.

And of course the highlight the formation of Electrocom Networks, by brothers Jon and Kevin Anderson, born and bred in Edinburgh.

20 years on and the company is as strong as ever, working on projects throughout the United Kingdom.